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How much do you think Sony paid him to say that the 3D sucked out loud? I'm having second thoughts after reading that review.
Sony called me today and offered to replace my 11 month old 70R550A with a W850B for $250. In doing some research it seems like the 850 has a few upgrades that effect my main desire, the best picture quality possible. I hate to give up Passive for Active 3D, especially since CNET felt the 850's 3D was really bad. So bad that they contacted Sony and expects a software upgrade. The 850 uses the X-Reality Pro engine and a more matted screen. According to CNET's review the...
I cannot help but hold Samsung in a very bad light because of the way they presented LED to the public. Legal, barely, But disrespectful. I will place Samsung on my never buy list but they would need to offer one big ass bang for the buck advantage for me to bite.
I wish it was a fairy tail and I especially wish it was not a problem for you. Even though I chose not to go with plasma (I wanted a 70in), I spent many months on the panasonlc forum learning all that I could about the ST and VT. It seemed that less than 10% had IR problems but very few considered them deal breakers. Most otherst had no IR symptoms and at least one prominent seasoned plasma owner went to great lengths trying unsucessfully to induce IR. 10% is way too...
The reason I fall back on the total lack of advertising being the downfall of plasma is because I like almost every other buyer in the world have no idea about the cost differences between the manufacturing of LCD vs plasma. I would think that a plasma TV would involve more technological steps but that's besides the point. Look at what the last Panasonic ST, VT and ZT's were selling for. Factor out the ZT and just look at the ST and the VT. I understand all the concerns...
This week Best Buy has up to 50% off select 3D blu-rays. Yesterday I picked up Rio and Pacific Rim (both include the blu-ray and the standard DVD) for $14.99.
Just based on the what you paid. You end up losing your sales tax and any delivery charge. It's quite disappointing to hear that Sony did no upgrades during the production cycle to fix the blob problem.
Talked to Sony this afternoon. They said someone will call next week and let me know. I asked for the TV to be replaced. They mentioned the fact that I declined their refund offer in December. FWIW, taking the refund also meant I would lose about $230 in sales tax and delivery charges plus they said the check could take 6 to 8 weeks. We decided to see if we could live with TV's problems. A replacement would be so much less painful. Thanks for everybody's advice..
I just sent them an e-mail and asked that they look up my previous information. I explained that the problem persists and again mention a possible replacement. I looked on the Sony web site and they do list the 70R550A as in stock.
I talked to 3 or 4 different people the last time. If anybody has a better more direct phone number that may connect me to someone with more authority I will be happy to try again. But the people I spoke to the last time seemed to have no concern even after mentioning the many many people on this specific forum thread.
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