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It's as much a marketing thing as opposed to offering a brand new technological break through. If you take the 550 series for instance Sony could have simply added the X-Reality Pro and justified proclaiming a wonerful new PREMIUM model. Which is pretty much what they did, plus changing the frame look (wedge shape) and improving the sound quality. I think the addition of the X-Reality Pro is the only tangible cost increase to Sony. They are advertising the 850 for $50...
It will be interesting to see how Sony handles the warranty on the new 850. Will it be for 12 months or will it expire when the 550's expires?
By the way, I did question the $250 charge to replace my 70r550a. The conversation was kind of funny. I asked why the charge and was told the 850B was an upgrade. I said that I considered it a downgrade since I wanted Passive and had to take Active in return. I told him that I was fine if they replaced it with another 550a. Can't do that, we don't have any. I said I'd wait till they did. Won't be making the 550 any longer. So my 550 is still under warranty and you...
If it's less than a year old call Sony customer service. If not call Square Trade. Mine is 11 months old and Sony is replacing with a 70w850b for $250.
Sony just advised me that I will have my 70w850b within the next 2 weeks to replace my current 70r550a. Will start off with the same settings I'm using now and tweak from there. I am painfully aware of the 550's short comlngs so will pay very close attention to any improvements, which I expect to be noticeable. I will for sure let you all know.
You may be correct but we'll never know because Panasonic decided not to attempt a campaign to take advantage of the positive comparisons between their plasma's and similar priced LCD's. Have you seen Shaq's commercials for lotion on TV? A personality like him, touting the virtues of plasma during the NBA playoffs would certainly target the desired age group of males in this country.
Call Sony customer service even if it's more than a year old. By added warranty do you mean the extended warranty from Square Trade?
No, I also looked at the 830 at Costco. I just assumed that the830 was Costco's version of the 850.
Obviously you must feel thar sacrificing 5 inches is a good trade off. Maybe i should also feel that way. Isn''t the S990a a more expensive TV? I've heard good things about the Tri-Luminous panel. Any other opinions would be appreciated.
It would great if you could find time to make some comparisons regarding screen uniformity, black levels, color accuracy and over all picture quality. Specifically if you can see a real advantage with the X-Reality Pro engine. Especially since you've had the opportunity to dial in both the 550and the 850. Were both sets the same size?
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