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Sorry, I should have mentioned that. I did get one, the AverTV Hybrid Volar Max. It appears that my signal strength is not sufficient and the signal pixelates and also drops audio. So, I was hoping to just go with streaming if possible. (I'm going to try a CATV signal booster tonight, but, in case, I would like to get my options in order for this Sunday's big game).
So, I guess NBC and NFL will be streaming the Super Bowl... I do not subscribe to cable, but I do have a cable modem which gives me ClearQAM to NBC and others. Problem is, I have a projector that I would love to see the game on but nothing to "tune" with. Will the streamed broadcast bring me the game plus extras or just a bunch of extras? I understand it will be broadcast in "HD". Ideally, I would like to use my laptop to stream the game via HDMI to my PJ.
I have a basic Time Warner Cable run into my main room, which I then have a 4-way splitter that puts the signal into 3 nearby rooms. I have the AverTV Volar Max USB tuner on my Dell i5 laptop. The picture looks great, however, especially for HDTV, it pixelates every few seconds which affects motion areas and sound. When I connect that same cable to my HDTV, the picture looks fine and never drops or pixelates. (I do not subscribe to cable. I get cable via Clear...
Are we even able to update our own firmware these days? A while back I remember it required a trip into Samsung for that. It would be nice if we could do it ourselves. Thanks!
Could I use this box to display Digital HDTV to my Sanyo Z2000? (Basically turn my PJ into a TV). I am getting a broadcast signal due to my cable modem. I do not subscribe to Cable per se... My two TV's have built in tuners and are getting around a dozen channels just great. Hopefully this will work and allow me to watch Superbowl this year on the PJ!
That is awesome! Good to know there is hope!
I am using this Middle Atlantic rack fan setup in my in-wall center. It is really quiet and can be set to kick on at your desired set-point. (mine is the UQFP-4DRA)
Hopefully getting my 570 today from Amazon. I will be replacing my venerable, but broken, Panasonic BD-30. This will be paired with my Onkyo-TX-SR805 and Sanyo PLV-Z2000. After being without blu-ray for several months now, I can't wait to start watching HD content again!
Wow.. Sorry for the uber-long response delay... Yes, it plays DVD fine but it will not blay BD at all. The BD laser is dead.I just replaced it with a Sony BDP-S570 that I snatched up at Amazon for around $30 less than the Panasonic 85. I have not received it yet (should be today), so I hope it was a wise choice!Also, as caesar1 says above... the Harmony has worked great with my BD-30.
Oh man... That's no good! Please post when you find out. My Z2000 is still running strong (knock on wood) but I understand Sanyo customer support on PJ's is rough...
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