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Save your Titan Fall for the end of the match and drop it on the losing team's escape shuttle. Vaporizes it instantly.
There are a couple of AVS members who got codes around 5PM Central today in the first batch. It's a 5GB download. Second batch supposedly goes out later tonight.
Looks great. Can't wait.
This will be of particular interest to all the XIM users. Designed by the folks at http://team-xecuter.com/ Behold the Chronus Max: http://cronusmax.com/ This is NOT a Mod and does not invalidate any warranty in any way. $59.95 Enjoy.
No idea. I typically don't add people unless they have AVS in body of the msg. and until I've played with them awhile. Had the misfortune of playing with some AVS affiliated screaming psychopaths back in BFBC2 and it made me become a bit more selective.hksvr...thought you were on my friends list. I'll re-add you.
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Yeah, it was a lot of fun.Good games.Who needs party, or party chat right?
If you are a gamer you better hope your surround headset can handle DTS input (Astro's don't)...http://kotaku.com/the-xbox-one-the-kotaku-review-1467960010
Lucky you. Very cool.Re: dedicated servers...has there been any 100% confirmation that they are being used for the 360 as promised?I remember MS's statements about dedicated servers changing over time.Originally we were told all MP games on Xbox One would be on dedicated servers.Then it was, "we are offering dedicated servers to game studios but it's up to them to use it".Now...?
Not a fan of the MTAR, here's why:http://symthic.com/cod-ghosts-accuracy-plot?w=MTAR-X
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