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+1For "bi-amping" to be useful, it HAS TO USE ACTIVE CROSSOVER NETWORKS ahead of the power amplifiers and there would be no passive networks built into the speaker.Wiring two amplifiers to existing passive crossover networks as you want to do is an utter waste of time and money.
From the first page of this thread:
What difference does it make!?!?! The TV is going to "upscale" it to "1080p" anyway.
Try THIS !
You HAVE TO USE an analog output. No OSD on HDMI.
Normally I would agree with you but after about one year of operation at pant-flapping levels, my RX-V671 runs practically cold to the touch. If it was a Denon, mine would be different advice altogether!!
If the goal is to allow your grandmother to hear her TV with comfort and safety, this is the most logical. Been there. Done that. Many times. Currently have a 100-year old man who thoroughly enjoys watching his TV now on the wireless headset without filling the room and disturbing other people with the high noise levels. No cords to trip on. No batteries to worry about. Personal adjustment of the position and volume control. OTOH, if the goal is to use up a bunch of stuff...
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