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Contrary to what my friend said above, YES you can certainly get an analog output from the AVR, but it will be restricted to standard definition.OOPS! Mea culpa. I checked the manual and rdgrimes is right! Component video input will downscale to SD video out but digital input via HDMI will not.I must be thinking of an older Yamaha AVR, 'cause I've done it!
Each time you "strike" the lamp (start it) you use approximately 2hrs of lamp life. So, if you are taking a pee or dinner break from your movie, leave the projector running unless you will be away for more than two hours, in which case shut it down normally.Projecting a "blank" screen does nothing to change the amount of power the lamp is consuming (or the brightness it is producing) so it is irrelevant what you project. *IF* you are running the lamp on "high power" you...
Sure.Get a headphone attenuator which will reduce the speaker output power to protect the headphones such as THIS ONE.
Joebilly, there is *NO* *BENEFIT* whatsoever in "bi-amping" passive-crossover speakers such as the Jamo S606 !! Use the extra amps to power Zone 2 without spending a cent!
I agree BUT you should have the "normal" complement of people in their seats, ie. YOU!
Get a ground wire run from your AVR to the same location as the satellite! That will eliminate any issues.
it will automatically detect what speakers are attached?
Off hand I forget about the 667 but can say the 867 is the best value!
There are great deals on the 867 out there! The YPAO in it is just fine!
Well then ... you have a conundrum!
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