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My Audyssey came up as full band for my fronts. I have the same set-up as you, except I have the 905 AVR I have my fronts to full, center and rear at 80hz I love the sound these speakers put out
then everything will go back up to MSRP, but wait....you get 20% off! what a deal!!
well...if its any consolation, Fry's in the DFW area here havent had any BD-35since they sold for $199. guess we just gonna have to wait and see.
Here in Texas, my bad
sony s-350 for $195.00 and the panny bd-35 for 199.00 all at fry's electronics BTW, I hate having to read thru 2 pages worth of garbage only to find a couple of deals worth knowing about that people are trying to report.
OMG will you people just stop posting random crap and stick to the topic please.... If you find a deal post it, if not, move on (dont post anything). If you have a question about a certain model, comparisons, buying suggestions, then go to their respective player thread and ask there.
Does this new v0.13 f.w. actually stop the player from trying to connect to the internet when its trying to load a movie, even after setting the player connection to ''off'' with v0.10, the stupid player tries to connect online, with the bd-live/firmware check settings turned off
Pulled the trigger on the S-350 for black friday. Mine came with v.07, and updated to v.10 without a hitch (via create your own update CD). So far so good, im very happy. bought it with 3 movies, man I love DTS-MA. anyone here experiencing high bass?? Only thing I friggin hate is even though I disabled BDLive, it still tries to connect. very, very annoying. Sony needs to patch this up where It doesnt try to connect when you disable it.
Black Friday is over, and now that the dust has settled, im glad this shopping frenzy is over!! As much as I wanted a Panny35 for $150 (that will never happen), I ended up getting the next best thing, the S-350 at Sears for $170, and I am very happy with my decision. Its great that I can pull up the setup menu on the fly in the middle of a movie.
anyone here tried using a black friday ad on walmart today (thurs) for price matching and succeeded?
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