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I am so mad at myself. It was a real stupid part on my behalf. If i would just have test toned i would have found out that the positive wire one the center speaker was disconnected... Problem fixed. Thanks all for your help. I love this reciever!
HI I tried reading through the first 10 pages of this tread but no answer to my problem so please forgive if this has been asked. I have my ps3 and cable/dvr box connected to the 910 via hdmi. 1st - on hd broadcast for example a football game i get a very low to no sound coming out of my center speaker. I can hear everything else fine, backround sound comes in fine but not the center. This happens for cbs and fox in hd.... 2nd - i tried watching shrek and i...
Hi Ok i have a big problem with my dct 3412. my dvr is 70% full but when i got to my recordings to watch something it say "there are no listings currently available". i cant see any of my shows. they are not displayed. Also from the quick access menu the dvr option isnt there anymore. What should i do? thanks for any help. i tried unplugging it and still nothing.
i know this question has been asked 1000 times but i cant fnd it. so i apologize in advance. how do i check the firmware on the dct 3412? also an is it true that on this unit channels 1-99 are now digital? thanks edit: never mind i figuered it out i am on 12.22
my dct6412 will not stay on for more than 30 seconds. its repeatly turning off and on. what should i do?
ok guys i am really pissed off. as of yesterday my 6412 has been turning on and of by itslef. first it started freezing so i would have to inplug it. now when i try playing a recording it turns of and on by its self. can it be the power supply. when i watch live tv if it doesnt turn off in the first 30 mins then it will usually last awhile with out turning off unless i try fast forwarding a previous recording. what should i do. also i do have problems with 5.1 dd play...
hi all. am new to this forum. i have been following this thread for a few days now. i just got my 6412. the firmware is 9.15. will i still be able to transfer my recorded programs over to my pc. i havent tried yet becuase my laptops hd is full so am waiting on an external hd. ps. good job on this forum guys.
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