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Easiest and most painless way to get a very accurate focus? pause a dvd in a sharp scene? maybe use a menu screen? use an xbox game?
does the yamaha 5890 layer plIIx over a 5.1 DTS track? I cant seem to make it do it, am I doing something wrong or does it not do that? works fine with layering plIIx over DD. EDIT: never mind, I figured it out, it was kinda like putting in a secret code. heh, weird, doesnt even tell you how to do it in the manual.
Quote: Originally posted by krasmuzik statik Try for 6" seperation at least. I actually have them ziptied to eachother for neatness along the wall. I tried separated and ziptied together, I cannot notice any PQ differences with my eyes. http://statik.oooyah.com/ziptied.jpg
running the power cord from the 4805 and some component cables side by side right up against eachother? quality shielded components ( I wont say the name) is this fine? they run together for the full length of the power cord.
Quote: Originally posted by HuskerHarley I need a 92" screen to go with the 4805. I'm on a very tight budget...any suggestions besides painting one on the wall? HH http://members.shaw.ca/danhanson/The...eenproject.htm
ok, what I mean is, I have both component and DVI cables here, what is the best way for me to connect the 1910 to the 4805? I PQ with the component seems great already, havent tried DVI yet. And I wont, if I dont need to.
thanx for speedy reply ja-phule. now would I want to use a DVI cable with this 1910 and if so also use 480i? or should I just stick with these component cables. thanx
if I am using a denon 1910 dvd player with the 4805, I should have progressive set to off? I am a lil confused here. someone please show me the light. I would want 480i going to the 4805 via component instead of 480p? the PQ "seems" the same both ways.
Quote: Originally posted by XStanleyX I purchased a 25 ft. DVI cable from them for a Bravo D1 to 4805. That's coupled to a DVI/ M1 adapter at the projector. If the quality of the cable is as good as the DVI cable I purchased from them you'll be happy. No loss in PQ from the 2 meter Monster Cable I used to use that my eyes can detect. It appears the cable itself looks the same except for the M1 end. Sorry but that's about all I can give you. sounds...
Quote: Originally posted by statik is this cable going to be good my connecting my denon 1910 to my 4805? I know it has the right adapters, but quality wise? hmm, because I am new here, I am not allowed to post links yet. so just go to ebay and its item #5766174051 any opinions? thanx yes, i quoted myself:) anyone?
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