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having been through an Onkyo, Marantz, and now Pioneer in the past 3 months, I can honestly say they sound different- but each individual AVR can sound very different based on it's listening modes. My Onkyo had modes that sounded great and modes that sounded terrible. For a stereo, 2.1 music environment I liked the Marantz best. For movies, the THX modes on the Pio and Onkyo win out. It is weird (to me) that they sound so different. You would think with a digital signal...
Are these active or passive subs? I'm assuming active- they have their own amp and the resistance doesn't matter. If they are passive and have no amp then it does.
Sc-75 has 9 amps. I'm running 7.2+zone 2 stereo.
Now that would be interesting if they are indeed the same receivers. Who knows if the internals are different quality or not. Feature set appears to be the same. Hmmm. Oh well. Mine is setup already. Edit: 1yr warranty is the only diff I can see from their website.
You can't buy it from the Magnolia website, thus all the driving around. Like I said, I contacted Pioneer to see if there was a work around since I didn't have a dealer within 50 miles and they said 'no.'I did think about buying from Amazon and getting a third party warranty.
From their website, read the fine print:
Not for Elite products. Go to their website and see. I spoke with someone on the phone about this. I had to buy mine from a Best Buy Magnolia, nearest authorized dealer was 50 miles away.
Not authorized dealers= no warranty. You might as well have bought it off the back of a truck. Not worth it for me.
The brand new one? I thought we left Onkyo to avoid HDMI issues. Bummer.
Ok, got it setup and played around just a bit. I will admit, the on screen display looks very 1980's, but otherwise it think I'm happy. I do wish I could send the HDMI audio to zone 2 like the Marantz does, but otherwise I don't think I'm missing out on much. The MCACC sounds great, the THX modes sound great. My only glitch is airplay, when I first turned it on, I could see it as an option. I've done the installation and setup, and. Ow nothing shows up from my phone,...
New Posts  All Forums: