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By the way my HT room is 12' x 23'
i can't compare it to 12d yet as i haven't received it. BIC is a so so to me, i'll find out which one is better once I received my 12d.
I bought one today! I was just wondering if i should have bought 2, lol. But if you have 2 subs do you put the 2 on front? I was only thinking of getting a second one to make the speakers setup even. . So if i have 2 at the front would that be too much of a speakers/bass? I got 5.1 setup and the BIC F12 is going back.
I am seeing it as $349.99??? Is this a better deal than the BIC F12? I am deciding between the 2
So i got the PJ with firmware 1.02. Since we cannot update it, how can we go updating it? Bring it back to Benq? Seems like a hassle. Though i don't see any issues with my PJ.
I just received mine today. I have not opened the box yet. I got the same version as yours "version 00- 101" Nov 2012. Does the unit itself had the old firmware or was it upgraded? I will prolly open mine when all the hardwares arrived.
Would a 120" screen too big? 11' x 24' room and a 120" Elite fixed frame screen I'll be watching from 11-12 feet using a BenQ w1070
I am in Canada and Netflix was just launch. Can i stream Netflix direct to my TV? I cannot see Netflix under Samsung Apps/Internet@TV. How could i download Netflix apps on my tv?
I am planning on purchasing 46ex701 from Costco and bringing it to Canada. How's the warranty covered? anyone knows?
I am having some echo issue if connected via HDMI. DVD HDMI>ONKYO HDMI>TV HDMI. Not sure where it is coming from but here is my set up. Philips 5960 DVD Player Onkyo 604 samsung HLS5086 If I use my digital coax for audio the echo is gone. I recently installed the latest firmware which fixed the DTS issue. Another issue I am having is sometimes the DVD froze and the only way to make it work again is to unplug the power and plug back on. I am thinking of...
New Posts  All Forums: