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I've been contemplating on which sub to get to match my Velodyne CHT's and Onkyo 604 receiver. Currently the price for VX 10 is $160 and H-100 is $240 shipping included. Is it worth the extra $80 for the H-100 or I can live with VX-10 for a little cheaper. I research around and both are having great reviews. Appreciate your inputs.
ok will try that. My rear speakers are connected to RBL and RBR.
Does the Auto Speaker set up only works on a 7.1? I have 5.1 system and it always ask me to retry. Anyone?
is 26" speaker stands enough for the rears or should it be leveled in the ears when you are sitting?
Finally, My order has arrived! do you know if these are good speaker stands for the CHTs? Atlantic universal speaker stands http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...uct_id=5019646
I called them yesterday and they said that the download the orders once or twice a week. It is thursday so I guess they have received my online order by now. When did you guys got charged on Credit Card, before or after you receive the speakers?
i ordered mine last monday 2/19 and haven't got a word form Velodyne. Checked my credit card and no pending transactions either. Do you guys get email prior to receiving it? or maybe charged on Credit card days before item gets shipped? I have no clue on when it is going to arrive.
Finally took the plunge, I ordered these speakers today. How long does take to receive the order? Anyone? I am thinking of mathing these with Velodyne VX-10.
I have read previously that someone's order got messed up. He ordered black and received white. Did someone had similar experience?
I came up with 2 speaker packages that would fit my bill. I wanted to get your opinion on which to get. I plan of getting speaker this week after few weeks of research and budgeting my Home theatre. My Onkyo SR604 will arrive this week. SO for extra $70+ would it make sense to go for Infinity Primus or just go for the Velodynes front rows? Infinity Primus Theatre pack goes for $270 at Vanns. Thanks in advance for the replies.
New Posts  All Forums: