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So I shrink my choices to two RPTVs : Samsung HLS5086w Sony KFE50A10 For the same price which you think is better? I am a little inclined to Samsung as Samsung has 2 HDMI inputs Sony has 1. Samsung is a newer model and Sony is a year old model. I am asking experts, owners or anybody who has seen these models opinions so I could decide tonight or tomorrow the latest. Thanks
I am debating on which to get 50" or the 55" DLPs. But for the size given which should I get? This is for a small living room.
I am having 2nd thoughts on which to get. I am choosing between 2 50" models KFE50a10 or the Samsung's HLS5086W. I know I could prolly get a biased opinion posting this on Sony thread but I am looking at the Samsung HLS thread and they were seeing "black grass" on dark images. So I am wondering if this A10 has some dispaly issues too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Altaman Picked up one of these a couple days ago, it is really a nice set. Right now it is hooked up to my BEV 3100 receiver (Believe the receiver translates to Dish 311) and the pic is really good though the S-Video and the wife is extremely impressed. I have read somewhere that the Lcd is actually produced by NEC?? I have not been able to try HD on it as the bedroom is not wired for HD and I only have one HD receiver as...
Well it is not Costco who is losing money here. Its the manufacturers. Last time I talked to a store manager and asking for some discount on LCD display unit. They gave me $50 off on it. They said they cannot pull the price down as they can return it anytime to the manufacturer for a full credit.
this would be used mainly as a TV rather than a monitor.
I've seen a 32" Daytek LCD for $Msrp. I'm wondering if the panel was made by another major brand. I'm thingking of purchasing it. hmmm...I'm having second thoughts. Any opinions? much appreciated! Here are the specs: AUDIO/VIDEO * Brightness: 450 cd/m^2 * Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1 (Typ.) * Response Time: 8 ms * Viewing Angle: L/R (85/85 degree), H/L (85/85 degree) * 16.2M Colors (6bit + FRC 2bit) * 1336(H) x 768(V) Max...
Where can i buy a cheap cable braided wrap/ cable management online? I want to bundle up all the ugly wires coming from my LCD TV to make it neat. Please let me know if you knew some. Thanks
Anybody has one? Do you mind posting a review? I currently owned a Viewsonic N2750W and I am considering this 32" as an upgrade. Specs seems to be good. Thanks in advance.
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