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1. Sanyo Z3 2. 14 x 19 dedicated room with total light control, dark chocolate walls/ceiling, 7.1 speaker setup. 3. Row 1 = 4 seats at 13 feet. Row 2 = 5 seats at 19 feet. 4. 3 coats wet-sanded Glidden Misty Evening rolled over 2 coats Kilz primer on very smooth sheetrock. 110" diagonal 16:9 format. The surround is provided by the dark chocolate coloured walls. My only complaint is lack of pop, but it's good enough that I'm almost indifferent about buying...
I've never noticed VB on my Z3. There are many comments posted here by other owners whose Z3s are also apparently free of VB, as well as others whose Z3s show some VB. Ricketty
Thanks, Magnus. I'll try it. Ricketty
Magnus, how much is "a bit"? I've tried this for ~ 6 months and have never been able to get it to stay in the same place for more than a few days. It's not a big deal for me because I can reach it from the floor, but it is annoying. Thanks, Ricketty
Lamp Dimming ~ 500 hours Just under 500 hours, my Z3 dimmed noticeably over a period of ~ 1 month. I'm projecting onto a 110" DIY screen (Glidden Misty Evening). I had always wondered whether this low gain, low tech "screen" was too large for a Z3. I tried adjusting the projector to compensate, and found the following settings (posted here by others earlier -- sorry, can't find the original posting) to be excellent: Start with "Dynamic" 1. Contrast...
Quote: Originally Posted by JimP Megalith Before spending money on a second sub, be sure that you're getting the most out of your first sub. Corner positioning is very likely giving you some severe peaks. In case you didn't know this, you're going to need one of the sound analysis computer programs and set up a microphone (radio shack spl meter, etc.) before you can move forward with this. Its not as simple as just sticking a sub in the opposite...
That depends on your theatre seats. From a seminar I attended, architecture guidelines for theatres put the vertical angle from eyes to screen centre at 15 degrees or less. Our screen is mounted with the centre of the screen 12.5 degrees above eye level, which puts the bottom of the screen at eye level. Since we watch sitting in recliners, we find this quite comfortable. It also works well for speaker placement since it allows us to have the main speakers and centre...
Doesn't the Buffalo allow you to play MP3s through your receiver/amp that are stored on your PC (or network)? I'd be interested to find out whether using a DAC between the Buffalo and your receiver/amp would make any difference. Ricketty
Where have you positioned your mic -- listening position? And is the 3' elevation simply 3' above the listening position? Ricketty
The wow factor wore off for me at ~ 500 hours, when I found the image getting dim enough that I had to start using a brighter bulb setting to avoid a dim, washed-out image. Time to get a Carada BW. Ricketty
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