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I have had this TV for about 3 weeks now. Its awesome. I love the 65" ZT60. The PQ is fantastic, good blacks and the noise doesn't seem to bother me anymore. I'm so happy with my purchase. I'm not interested in LEDs/LCDS.. the whole viewing angle thing bothers me, and they feel cheap (all plastic like) I was about to sell this TV, I even placed an ad for 3999.99, I'm glad no one bought it!
The best is when I spent 300.00 on best buy calibration for my 55" VT30. The guy came over spent 20 minutes, and basically changed the settings to cinema mode. Thats all. I felt ripped off and sad.
Thats exactly what I hate about TVs these days. Millions of settings in millions of different combinations. Man I'm going back to my Tube tv with only contrast and brightness. settings.... and my old cable box with a wire and the buttons. The one that if u put it on the adult channel gives you those squiggly lines. But if you just squint ur eyes you can make out something happening.
I personally use THX bright mode, with normal mode (vs Warm 1 or Warm 2) and game mode on. I have found the colors to be excellent with good brightness. And also switching the HDMI type to graphic helped clear up the picture. Looks great!mo!.
Hi guys, I have a Panasonic ZT60 plasma hooked up to a Yamaha receiver via HDMI. I put the darbee in between. Sometimes when I'm using the TV i notice that the brightness increases substantially.. and I need to turn the tv off and on again to work right again. Or I have to switch from HDMI auto to standard and back again when it doesn't do that brightness thing. Does anyone have any ideas to correct this? Thanks
Can someone point me out to this sillysally's ZT60 settings? Thanks
Is it known that in the first couple hundred hours of use plasmas picture changes? For the first 20-30 hours I hated the ZT60. I didn't think it looked that great. But in the past 24 hours things have changed, I am actually really happy now. Picture looks brighter, crisper and more clear. Must be placebo.
Ok I like my 65" ZT60 and all.. but for 3000.00 I would expect this thing to be silent. I already saw the fan noise issue. Ridiculous they have to come put foam in it, and then there is risk of this micro fracture thing. Thats just dumb Mo
Well, I went back to no Darbee. Darbee does work, don't get me wrong, but for some reason occasionally it will turn the brightness up unless I turn the TV on and off again. Might need a firmware update or something. But the hassle of adding another device into the mix with another plug and another remote and the possibility that it will worsen the picture with this brightness thing I experienced was not worth it to me. So back to the closet it goes.haha!
Yeah I thought it was a joke too, but then I bought it. It worked well with my Vt30, not with my gt50. It works awesome for me with my ZT60. Sound and vision wrote a good reviewMo!
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