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Thanks!I will do that!I'm currently using THX bright mode with the power mode to saving (makes it easier on my eyes), its brighter than THX cinema which is what I need, but not bright enough that it burns my eye ballsmo!
can I get someones advice on what HDMI settings they are using? Very confusing. There is this cinema, graphic, photo, or off mode, and then there is this auto mode. What do you guys use? Per CNET settings they use off. Just curious Thanks
Well I figured out what works best for my setupHDMI 1 which has my dish network and roku is set to THX cinema. I turned up the contrast to 85, use warm 1 and use that resolution master thingy to strong. Picture looks amazingHDMI 2 which is hooked up to my consoles/pc is set to cinema mode with gamma 2.0, normal vs warm, and the games look freaking amazing! This thing is faster than my Gt50.. maybe too fast?? Is that possible?
I don't like the way there is no individual game mode like on my GT50. I know you can turn game mode on in the individual categories.. but having an individual game mode selection would have been nice. I want to use THX bright mode for my HDMI 1 which uses blu ray and HDMI 2 for my console gaming. But I want the THX bright mode on the HDMI 2 to use normal instead of warm 1 or warm 2. Switching it makes HDMI 1 thx bright mode setting also change.. very frustrating!
So is it okay to set HDMI to auto vs Standard or non standard. Because if I set it to standard it crushes blacks. If auto I think it increases the gamma a bitJust want opinionsthanks
Never mind changed the HDMI setting in advanced settings to auto
Ok one more question. I am using THX bright setting at default. I have noticed that on movies with dark scenes like horror movies, the scenes are so black and dark its crazy. Is there a term for that and is that normal? Thanks
Hey guys I'm using Roku 3 and pled with 1080p movies. Should I be using this 1080p direct setting to on? Little confused Thanks!
Congrats! Now unless you bought an extended warranty pray that your TV doesn't break. These banks and no interest payment crap do nothing for you if something happens to the merchandise. Compared to credit cards with extended warranty.
Ok.. so the sales person doesn't want to sell it... and eitherA) wants to keep it for himsef or herselfB) waits until its sold out then sells it at a high priceorC) is just dumb and doesn't know what to doI chooseC)
New Posts  All Forums: