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Hey guys I have a 60"GT50 and I am about to buy a 65" ZT60 for a good price. Will I see a performance difference? Do you guys recommend I go thru with it if you were I? What about that VIzio P series 4K ? Should I wait? Thanks
Does anyone have a GT50 and compared it to the ZT60? Thanks
I see tons of Kuros on ebay.. does that mean the Zt60 will eventually reach that fate where it will be hard to resell?
I have opportunity to buy a brand new 65" ZT60 for 2999 before taxes. Should I get it? I have a 60" GT50, will I see that much of a performance difference???
Does anyone know if the P-Series had a good viewing angle? Thanks
I can look at a plasma from any angle and still see a great picture darn it!
I am a plasma owner and I agree with a few of your statements.. but several are just plain wrong. First of all high power consumption?? A plasma probably costs 10.00 more per year to run than an LED. Plus I can look at a plasma at every angle.. LED or LCDs or whatever you call them have to be looked straight on. I hate that! I had a Sony LED for a while, then my wife noted that the colors and brightness would get washed out when she sat past 30 degrees. Horrible! ...
No I use thx bright mode which I haven't touched since I first got The tv. We vary programming between dish, movies and roku. A 2 hour movie with sony logo is now burned in. I have to be afraid to watch a 2 hour movie ?? Ridiculous
Ok so last night my wife watched a movie, now the sony logo is burned in too! Whats going on??!! Plex on the left side, a sony logo on the right side. I haven't even used plex since I noticed this. I use that scroller bar.. nothing works! Ridiculous.
Well I think its burn in.. its not going away. Same thing happened to my 55" VT30 with the DISH logo.. burned in. I'm just using the THX bright room setting. Man I'm glad I didn't jump on the ZT60. Mo!
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