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If you read the thread, they said it does not work on an A35. I'm still patiently waiting.
I pretty much agree with SneakerPimp except I would put Seven Swords at number 3. It could have been such a better movie.
I primarily use DVD Profiler since it allows me to keep a hard copy on my PC and also has my collection online. I use DVDaf as my backup source.
Good to hear xradman. I ended up getting the Edko release from Hong Kong. Still haven't had a chance to watch it yet though. Too busy getting through the Godfather trilogy!
Ummmm....what happened to the pretty pictures?
Watched it last night and WOW! Fantastic video/audio quality and the movie itself was fantastic. I can't wait for part 2 to be released. The watermark never really bothered me as I was somewhat used to it from watching other Mei Ah blu-rays. Subtitles were mostly in the bottom black bar. I cannot recommend this disc enough!
Just keep in mind xradman that the US release, if there is one, will probably be the cut version of part 1 and 2 merged together.
Damn! How did I forget that one?
In that case this is what's currently available from HK: Protege Invisible Target Flash Point Secret SPL Mad Detective Days of Being Wild Behind the Yellow Line Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon The Empress and the Warriors Warlords Assembly PTU Seven Swords Kung Fu Dunk Fatal Move Lust, Caution Red Cliff Exiled Pre Order: Missing Stephen Chow's Chinese Odyessy
Anyone in downtown Manhattan get FIOS yet? I'm dying to get rid of RCN.
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