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I think I have enough watts but not enough ohms. Can someone recommend a way to increase the quality of my ohms? I want to be able to turn it up to 11. My speakers have plenty of watts I feel. Another question while I'm at it. My speakers only have 2 "ways", but my friend's speakers have 3 "ways" even though we paid about the same. I feel I was short changed on the number of "ways" I have. What can I do? Can you recommend an easy way to upgrade my "ways"? Please help. Oh...
I own HT1s which are going to sound similar except the very lowest end. I have the same musical tastes and if you end up like me you are going to find yourself seeking out and listening to your best recorded CDs on your system while tending to ignore the badly recorded material more and more. I still play them here and there but am really drawn towards the good recordings because the payoff is so large. There is enough good stuff out there to keep me happy. If I'm...
There is a poor man's way to do this too. It's not wireless or elegant but it works for me. But I only use my computer for casual listening like streaming radio and MP3s that I have on my laptop. Just go buy a cord from Amazon that connects the headphone out jack on the laptop to one of the stereo inputs on your receiver. The one I have has the headphone jack on one end and splits into 2 channel on the other end. Total investment. About 10 dollars. I have salk HT1s and...
Wiseguy. That would be my next move if this thing turns out to be an expensive doorstop. Does anyone have any useful advice that does not involve a hammer?
Thanks thats what I thought. Do you think this is one of those situations where you are better off, because of expense, just skipping repair and just getting a new set?
Does anyone know what is up with my sammy? I have a thin black line that runs across the whole screen right near the bottom. Please see pics. It is there during all inputs. Do you think the panel is a goner? It is less than 2 yrs old. I would appreciate any advice or help anyone can give.
click, click, clunk, clunk is the sound. If you start to smell something burning, you've gone too far. You now have an extra doorstop if that happens.
I love them too. I should update my picture since that was when I first moved into my house, and I've upgraded a bunch since then. I listen to these guys a lot. I like to look at them too. Here is another look at them for those who like speaker porn. http://www.salksound.com/gallery-votm-0404.shtml
As an owner of Salk HT1s I'm curious as to why they don't get more love on this thread. I'll first say that I have not heard the song towers. But, the HT1s are in the general price range as the STs, have respectable bass response, and use very high end parts in the SEAS midwoof and G2 ribbon. I'm using mine with a quality sub, as I suspect many ST owners do, especially for HT duty. I think people should at least consider the HT1s when they are looking at the Salk line. I...
The usual answer for that joke in my neighborhood is "about 3-4 pounds". If you are going to order Smithwicks, you walk up to the bar and say "give me a smidicks." That's SMID ICK said all together real fast. Good stuff by the way.
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