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Here is the news everyone in the Hartford system has been waiting for.... Xfinity is here... lol On May 18th the following channels will be available in Digital format only. AMC Versus Travel Channel TNT Lifetime Cartoon Network Animal Planet HGTV Food Network The Learning Channel SyFy E! On June 15th the following channels will be available in Digital Format only.. SNY NESN ESPN ESPN2 CSNE YES Golf Channel FX USA ABC...
There was a posting 2 days ago for Hartford.... Dear Ms. Santopietro: I am writing on behalf of Comcast/Hartford to inform the Department of Public Utility Control (the “Department”) of service enhancements, channel additions, and programming changes more fully described below. Channel Conversions On May 18, 2010, the following channels will begin to be transmitted in digital-only format. A compatible digital cable box, digital adapter, or CableCard-equipped...
Picked up a lineup card at a service center the other day... here is what their systems get... 183 GRNHD Planet Green HD 184 SCIHD Science Channel HD 185 HBO2HD HBO 2 HD 186 HBOZHD HBO Zone HD 187 HBOSHD HBO Signature HD 188 HBOCHD HBO Comedy HD 189 HBOFHD HBO Familty HD 190 HBOLHD HBO Latino HD 191 DSCHD Discovery Channel HD 192 TLCHD Learning Channel HD 193 APHD Animal Planet HD 194 195 USAHD USA HD 196 CNNHD CNN HD 197 HISHD History Channel...
New posting.... Channel Additions Effective October 16, 2009, “NFL Red Zone HD” was added to the Sports & Entertainment Package at channel 785 in the Norwich and Old Lyme systems, and at channel 278 in the Hartford and New Haven systems. Effective October 16, 2009, “MLB HD” was added to the Sports & Entertainment Package and the Digital Classic Tier at channel 775 in the Norwich and Old Lyme systems and at channel 272 in the New Haven and Hartford...
They were also added in the Hartford system.
They're going system by system. Hartford is supposed to be next in line. We got the DOCSIS 3.0 rollout ahead of more HD for some reason.
Curious.... 498 HD PPV 2 was added. HD PPV shows 1 or 2, maybe 3 things a month. Now there's need for a second HD PPV channel? LOL.
Hartford has DOCSIS 3.0, and we're not 100% digital and there's no timeline for us to be all digital.
Just noticed that there's a virtual channel 929 that goes to the Red Sox On Demand menu.
New posting for Vernon only! They're moving a lot to digital on the 22nd, a ton of channels changing locations on the 28th of July. Also, the following HD will eb added on the 28th of July. 262 CMT HD 263 MTV HD 264 VH1 HD 265 BET HD 266 G4 HD 267 TV One HD 268 Comedy Central HD 269 Style HD 271 CBS College Sports HD 272 MLB Net HD 273 Tennis Channel HD
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