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I am interested to hear from anyone who has the new Verizon FIOS and has switched to the TIVO series 3 or new HD dvr. The FIOS QIP6416-2 is pathetic coming from years of directv/tivo use. The guide is seemingly wrong as often as right and I have gone through three FIOS dvr's. I really want my TIVO back but the full signal un-compressed haul-ass awesome picture the fiber optic brings really makes me want to combine the two. Has anyone successfully combined the FIOS and...
I have had the DTV Tivo DVR for a bit over a year and am very happy with its general performance. However there is some time when I would like to be able to record some shows to dvd or cdv. The market is saturated with video capture devices so I would like a little advice on the best way to connect to my pc and edit/burn to disc. I hear many differing stories on quality so I would appreciate a little input. Help!
The market is swamped with so many video capture devices it is hard to weed through them. What I would like to do is to record and edit some of my Tivo shows to CDV or DVD and keep the audio and video quality as high as possible. I am interested to hear what some of you have tried. I would love to upgrade later to a good media center pvr setup, but for now just a low cost video capture and edit alt. Any Ideas?
I think you may have bumped your head. I have never seen a consumer satis. ind. for cable, digital sat., that Direct tv did not lead hands down. And as a former dishnet 'scriber, current Directv user, for now anyway, Directv is as good as it gets.
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