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I've heard differing accounts of when we're getting a version of Guitar Hero. Some reports say we're getting GH2 this Spring, others say nothing for Wii until GH3 late this year. Is it worth picking up a cheap PS2 just for GH and GH2? If they make us wait for GH3, will we ever see Wii ports of the first two games (both of which have tremendous soundtracks)?
1 Majora's Mask - Still has the best replay value and the most depth. The Twilight Princess map may be bigger, but MM has much more going on every step of the way. Replay value is second to none - I've completed the game multiple times, but I still forget how to solve some puzzles. 2 Twilight Princess (Tie) - I'm roughly halfway through, and it's tremendous and getting better. My only complaint is that it seems more linear than it should, and the side quests seem...
http://www.famousmii.com/ With pictures and text instructions. This should keep my busy this weekend.
The games I have: New Super Mario Bros. - fun, old school side scroller. Fairly easy, especially since you can get unlimited lives by replaying the first level over and over. Decent replay value in collecting all the coins. Mario Kart DS - probably my favorite so far. 32 tracks, half of them from previous Mario Karts. Great for multiplayer. Tetris DS - good version, with some interesting alternate variations. Clubhouse Games - Meh. Good for multiplayer, but the...
Quote: Originally Posted by mattwardfh To use a better DAC than the one in the Wii. By the time it hits the cable, though, the DAC has already converted the audio from digital to analog, or at least from digital to ProLogic II (I forget whether PL2 is an analog or a digital signal). Unless there's another pin for digital audio?
I use the strap, but only because the the cats like to attack the dangling strap if I don't put it on. They also like to swat at the nunchuk cord.
I agree Zelda is probably worth more than Clu-Clu land, but how in the world is $5 for any NES game a rip off? A cup of coffee costs $3. A Wiimote costs $40, and $60 with a Nunchuk. I can't really get worked up over any game that costs less than $10. If I don't want it, I won't buy it, but I've spent $10 for some worthwhile cell phone games.
http://www.joystiq.com/2006/12/06/tu...console-games/ "As one Game|Life commenter wisely pointed out, both Nintendo and Sega have repackaged and re-released most of their hits into oblivion, whereas TurboGrafx games on the Virtual Console represent a first for retro-minded gamers seeking Hudson classics." Makes sense. Between the Master Quest and Collector's edition GC discs, I already have Zelda I and II, MM, 2 copies of OoT, and the OoT Master Quest. No need to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Phaffendorf Mono Price has DVI - Composite cables or adapters..... I don't believe you need a box to do it. http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...ormat=2&style= Not sure that will work with his setup. That adapter is HDMI/DVI -> component (digital to analog). Component -> HDMI/DVI (analog to digital, what he wants) is harder and more expensive.
Newer mid to high end home theater receivers will convert component to HDMI (same video signal as DVI). The cheapest I've seen is the Onkyo TX-SR674 (check Crutchfield for "HDMI switching and conversion"). I don't know whether there are any quality or lag issues, though, and at that price, you're already halfway to a decent 30" HD TV.
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