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yep, not available within 50 miles, here is the message I got: We've searched all the locations within 50 miles of your zip code and the item is not available for store pickup near you. If you want to see more stores, enter a new zip code or see if this item is available for shipping.
Jim, not sure how you equate room size to sub requirements? Is there a rule of thumb? For the bar case, how many 15" Dayton's would it take? Dan, I'd get a Dayton and see what it accomplishes. Put it in one of the corners to achieve maximum effect. It's cheap, so your buddy isn't out much if you don't like it.
can't agree with you there. Sure they are pretty tame looking, but you will pay far more to get the same sound quality and really nice grilles. The metal covers are worse, remind me of the ones I put in my '75 Torino in high school.
they ran out just after mine arrived, thank goodness. I'd probably buy another, but running 3 subs now in a 12" left, 15" center, 12" NXG right configuration. Incredible is all I can say. Most visitors think I have $20,000 invested in speakers, nope, about $2500. You will be happy with the NXG!
+1 shakes the house down, pure Spielberg...
very strange, had like 17 at amazon when I ordered mine a month back. No issues, solid performer!
not sure where you got your info... Ground Loop HumThe second cause of hum is called a ground loop, and it almost always shows up right after you bring home a brand-new, self-powered subwoofer, or perhaps an external amplifier.Take a look at all the plugs on the power cords on your home theater equipment. In most systems, the receiver (or amplifier) has a three-prong power plug, but most of your other devices have only two-prong plugs. This is not by accident; the device...
make sure to use a high quality subwoofer cable. Check them out at Monoprice. Took care of my problem, no need for cheater at receptacle.
Has anyone done a head to head comparison of the original FS-51 to the newer FS-52's? I do have 52's as rear surrounds and have to say they sound terrific.
this would be a great head to head comparison to the Theater Solution 15F!
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