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Got what looks and smells like a new BDT500 from Panasonic today.I'm having to upgrade from the original firmware. New unit also has an April 2012 manu date.Was quite happy with the 9 day turnaround until....Panasonic had the nerve to send a bill in the mail for $15 for a refurb unit. Keep in mind my original player was only weeks old when it crapped out.Screw'em, I'm not paying This Panasonic player may be up to Oppo standards in some peoples minds but their customer...
My BDT500 has died. It can boot to the menu screen but has a flashing green screen when trying to load discs or Viera Connect. Got a case # from Panasonic and shipping it to McAllen for repair/replacement. Manufactured April 2012, worked fine for 2 months until it died.
On the Inside the Episode segment now on HBO.com, it's described as a collective vision per Alan Ball.
And I thought Pam stole the scene with her new hair.Bucknekkid Lilith with that blood red smoke breath was nice to have though.
Past cast, Lorena...she stole every scene with pure crazy. Episode 3 really made me miss her.
That would be Claude, Claudine's brother.He was also one of the gremlin looking fairies that helped Sookie escape from fairy-land in the 1st episode last season.Although why those fairys are so stupid as to keep showing up during the night is beyond me.
1. Pam. She's the only one who would know where he was buried except for Eric and Bill.2. Nora is listed for more episodes than just the two aired so I would say no.
Looking forward to seeing, ummm, more, of that new werewolf played by Kelly Overton.
And PAL dvds.
Yes, I have that too, was hoping I wasn't the only one. I'll open an issue with them.
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