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I haven't used the software but the according to the site, the software will both get the EDID from a device you have plugged in via HDMI and also edit EDID data fields. The bottleneck would seem to be getting a Mitsubishi owner to volunteer to get the EDID numbers and provide them so you can edit your Geffen using the software.
I think it was me. Powerstrip allows you to edit and read an EDID using their Monitor Asset Manager utility.http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/moninfo.shtm Someone would have to volunteer to get the EDID from their Mitsubishi and provide the numbers though.
There was some dispute among forum members as to whether this adaptor would convert non-RealD source material. Since it will, the only drawback is the $500 pricetag. If you could work a deal on this, that would be awesome
http://hd.engadget.com/2010/06/11/es...verage-live-f/ Looks like that RealD POD will convert Side by Side to Checkerboard for those Samsung sets after all: At the front of the large conference room was a 72-inch Samsung DLP, which was delivering the 2010 FIFA World Cup kickoff in 3D from Johannesburg, South Africa. ESPN was taking in the 1080i50 side by side 3D signal and converting it to the US-friendly 720p 60 side by side, and since DLP sets expect the...
It's $500. I'm personally going to wait and see if 3d goes the way of the Macarena before I sink that much money into it.
http://www.reald.com/files/downloads...idePOD_THA.pdf Go down to where it says: Works with any SbS Format Software Yes, using toggle switch; automatically detects and converts proprietary RealD format without manual toggle switch
http://www.reald.com/files/downloads...idePOD_THA.pdf According to their .pdf, it will work with any SbS software. You have to use a manual toggle for non-RealD, for RealD it detects it automatically.
http://www.reald.com/files/downloads...idePOD_THA.pdf Says it converts Blu-ray as well. You have to use the manual toggle switch for material that isn't Reald SbS though.
http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/ps.shtm All you really need is the Mitsubishi EDID and edit either the Geffen or if your really daring your Samsung's EDID using Powerstrip. You don't have to physically go to the store and connect up your TV. Do a google search on Powerstrip and EDID.
I'd guess you could still hack it using Powerstrip?
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