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Diamond is old and out of style. Sapphire is young and hip. It's so hip it's frequently misspelled "Saphire". The only problem is that you can get jewelry with real sapphires on amazon for less than they are charging for these catalog movies that have been run over and over again in hi-def on cable.
Sapphire= Gouging for catalog. Warner wants $30 for the 1989 Batman at Walmart. This trend has to stop.
Blu-ray will be dead unless you buy these Monster cables.
I received the Blu-ray "Fired Up" from Netflix today and the Dolby True HD soundtrack seems to be off about a 1/3 of a second with the BDP-83. I'm bitstreaming it to my Onkyo 805 receiver. I didn't notice any audio problems in the review here at AVS.
Thanks for your tutorial on pg 578 of this thread complete with pictures no less. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...57502&page=578 My Onkyo 805 display stopped working last week so I dropped by Fry's and bought a pack of 4 10ohm 1 watt resistors for a buck and soldered in 2 of them to fix the problem. Resistor R9310 pegged my meter when measuring resistance, so it looks like that's the one that blew. R9304 still measured 10ohms but I replaced it...
I just received my email with an estimated shipping date of May 18-22. Is the "Gold Plated 6' HDMI Cable" that ships with this HDMI 1.3a or do I need to hit up Monoprice.com for a new HDMI cable?
It fixed the error with the BD-Live popup error window constantly popping up during the playback of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor for one thing.
Firmware 1.7 now available for download.
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....=1165609791326 It's an exact fit for my 67". It's currently $319 on the Best Buy website although it was recently on sale for $199. You might be able to get a deal on it.
My 67" just arrived. It's an exact fit for the 65" Init stand at Best Buy, I'm in the middle of configuring the set right now. I think you'll find that other stand rather small.http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....=1165609791326
New Posts  All Forums: