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don't mention the Scwartz ads. A real pet peeve of mine. They sent Hd but were not center cut safe and their only solution was squeeze them. Yuck. drives me nuts. And ABC is getting so cheap, they have no one left to edit like they used to. It is a mess.
Yes, we are producing commercials and promos in wide screen, soon true HD. Doing news is a whole nother problem. One day. Thanks for noticing.
I need some help. We have a viewer in Richland that can't get ch. 16. Says she has a Maganavox,model #pb110mw9 and indoor antenna. Claims she tried scanning and entering the channel number. Says she gets everyone else. Anyone has any ideas? That close, she should have plenty signal.
the second channels of the Jackson stations are available on Comcast and UVerse. Comcast has switched the ctual channel 16.2 appears on if you are using a digital ready TV instead of a STB. 16.1 has always been on 83.1. Now 16.2 is on 83.2. However, they tell me they are going to put our PSIP on the channels next week so the digital ready TV's will find 16.1 and 16.2 like they are supposed to and the "weird" channel numbers will not have to known.
I agree. I fought going to the jacksonchannel.com and lost for a while
Fox 40 and channel 35 use the same antenna for transmission, Separate transmitters into the same antenna. That would account for both being off I guess. They feed cable via a fiber so that is why it is still there on cable. We feed cable HD on the fiber too but maybe they do not.
Direct TV lost most if not all ouir local signals friday for hours during the day. never did get a real answer what happened.
Thanks for the info. Yes, I have been the chief at WAPT for 19 years and really do care how we look and sound and appreciate everyone's feedback. Every viewer makes a difference to me.
To answer the 1st one, WAPT is the ABC afil. on ch. 21 but we will always call it 16. Well HD commercials and shows like Wheel are fairly easy compared to doing local news origination in HD. I would love to do it all but to do it right take lots of bucks. We are getting there slowly but surely. Thansk for watching.
Trust all is well out there since I do not show any posting since January. We are starting to get more HD commercials and doing some promos in wide screen. Let me know if you notice how they look.
New Posts  All Forums: