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Is this the first time you have experienced a "jerky" problem? How are yo receiving the signal, OTA, or other? Let me know at tbondurant@hearst.com. Not aware of any problems at the station and I watched soem of this show at home myself.
Probably will not be a problem unless it is due to overload. WAPt is on 21 and ETV on channel 20 in Jackson and mostly no problems.
Anyone heard an update on Direct getting local HD signals on next month?
Thanks. Working with Harmonic for answers.
My assistant's TV at home is doing the same but you are the 1st one other than him to notice. It must be some stupid setting in tthe new Harmonic encoder that yours and his TV does not like. I am sending Harmonic a shot of the picture so they can see it. Dang new technology....
OK, WAPT now has the new HD-SD encoder is on line plus the HD switcher too. Hopefully this will reduce the ABC HD slipups. Commercials and shows will now run digital all the way to air without analog equipment in between. Let me know if things look better or having any problems. We are getting there!
Still having massive problems with a switcher and trying to escalate our new HD switch install to stop switching problems. I feel your pain. If you notice something stuck in SD that should be HD, text me at 6012912784@tmomail.net so I can fix it quicker. Thanks as always for your patience.
On channel 51.....they did not come to terms with Media General for the full power at this time & their CP was running out so they built a facility on their own tower south of Jackson, 100.9 FM's tower, 700 tall. running at 20kW ERP for now. Were supposed to go on last Friday.
Our HD switcher has gone nuts lately. We are working on it today. Switches on it's own and even though my operator has the darn monitor right in front of them, some miss it. Arg! Hopefully we can put the new one on line soon so this will stop. Thanks for the note. I hate when this happens AND when my folks miss it!
First, Not all of the WipeOuts are in HD. On rare occasionations like last night at about 9:55pm when I make a mistake, we drop back to SD to keep something on the air. We downconvert any HD internally now so it is actually "harder" to get SD on the air. Millionaire is a whole nother thing & I totally agree. I can only presume since they sindicate that show probably from the same old studio in NY where it starts years ago & do so in SD, they have never upgraded that studio...
New Posts  All Forums: