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That is a common problem. I have had many people have to enter our "real" channel number as well, to get the signal.
Judging from the shorter elements on this antenna, I would guess it is really best for UHF and not VHF.
Never heard of this one before. I will ask around.
You are lucky. Many of the Magnavox boxes are junk too. Where does she live that 16 is the lowest signal?
Correction: WAPT has nightlight service from June 13 till July 12 We will only do NightLite service until June 26. then it is OFF.
The web person checked & removed a confusing entry so check it now and let me know. Thanks for the heads up.
I am on vacation but forwared to the web person to correct. Thanks
Well, it has been a busy week. ABC is now delivered to us in one stream. They upconvert anything not HD so we do not have to worry about "flipping the switch" as it were. They upconvert anything not HD. I think it looks a little better since it does not go through some of our old analog equipment to get upconverted locally. Just learned yesterday afternoon that we were asked by the FCC to be a "NightLight" station. Arg. This means we will leave the analog signal up past...
WRBJ's transmitter is actually in Raleigh or near there. And, no, for us (WAPT), when the analog is turned off, nothing will change with the transmitter and antenna as they are already full everything. Now the input to them is quite a different story. I will keep you guessing on that one...
nothing heard from our end.
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