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I don't recommend taking the bulb out to try and clean the dust blobs. The problem requires further disassembly to fix. I've tried blowing compressed air through the unit and it only resulted in more dust blobs. I've learnt to live with it but I'm probably not far away from cracking it and calling BenQ. I think I'm slowly getting more blobs. I imagine dust attracts dust so it's only going to get worse.
My white circled dust blobs are giving birth! I have about five now all near the middle of the frame! Everything I watch is like as if J.J Abraams directed it. I hope BenQ get back to me soon. Terrible time of year to try organising an RMA.
Well I removed the lamp cover. Now I should also mention, day 1 out of the box the lamp cover never sat flush with my machine. I ended up putting a piece of electrical tape over the cover to hold it firm. Removing the lamp cover today I can see that it was meant to be sealed tightly because there is foam running along the edges. I'm guessing this will help my cause with an RMA if my machine wasn't sealed out of the box as it should be. The globe has a plastic cover to...
Very interested in your results, especially if you documented it. I have the same issue with my W1070. Will shoot you a PM if bumping this doesn't get your attention.
Are there any pictures of someone removing the globe/replacing it? I'd love to see if it's possible to get to the lens from the other side for a clean? Might be able to remove the particles causing my issue.
Here in Australia I do believe BenQ pay for all the courier services. Only inconvenience to me is being without it for a few weeks.
Managed to focus in on the source of my white circle. I also discovered I have quite a few of these. These are the best pictures I could get at the moment, it's still day here so I'm not taking them in total darkness. I've already tried some compressed air in the vents and it didn't remove them. I've brushed the lens and they didn't move. They must be locked inside. Apparently the assembly is sealed? So whatever is in there stays there... I lens shifted up and down...
Hey now, I've been really happy with this PJ and all the annoyances barely bother me. I'm hoping this white circle will go away though. I'm guessing it's dust inside the lense or on the globe or something? I have some compressed air, maybe I can get rid of it?
Might have hit some bad news with my Projector. I've discovered a white circle that's visible in black scenes/black screen near the middle. I've confirmed it's not my screen and is coming from the projector. I cleaned the lens and there is no dust or anything causing this. With a low gamma it goes away but when I adjust the gamma to the range I need it's visible. Darker I make the image the more obvious the spot is. What's it called? Do I need to start thinking about an...
Best way to remove dust from behind the lense? Would removing the bulb give me a clearer path to blow some air? Thanks.
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