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Being OTA, W35AX cannot be in a "higher package", however on the COX system it was removed long ago from the analog service. I see W35AX's fuzzy analog signal digitized on COX's unencrypted digital locals. Don't know if TWC in Cuyahoga County carries it, its sister station WAOH is carried in Summit County TWC systems.
From the looks of that coverage map. any signal you were getting in Stubenville had to have some atmospheric assistance to get down there. Here in Parma I get WKBN almost 24/7 but not the other 2 Y'Town commercial stations (I do get an occasional 45). A look at the coverage map shows a small fragment of signal out my way. Those Longly-Rice maps are very accurate, so if you don't see your area in some color, you are literally out of range.
87.7 was not "sold" it was "leased" ("LMA"). Murray Hill Broadcasting still owns the station.
What gets me are the businesses who pay top dollar to Dish or Direct just to get the local stations that they could have gotten for free with a converter box or built-in tuner on an HDTV. For example there is a restaurant I frequent that had Dish and then switch to Direct. They are located so close to the antenna farm that a coat hanger would get them every channel for free that they now pay for.
Interesting. I have Dish Network and have a DVR with an OTA tuner. The channels that are missing in Tribune's database still show up as "Digital service" i.e. no guide data for Antenna TV or THIS on 55.3 (there was guide data for THIS when it was carried on WUAB so I believe it has something to do with the station's ownership, not the national network). Love them or hate them, at least Raycom does some things right. I also get data for 3.2 (even though the only things...
Howie was not reading the commercial, Sean Hannity was. In the middle of Sean's reading is when I heard the "LS" comment inserted and then back to Sean.
Well it sounded like Howard's voice. The commercial was for flowers when it cut away to to obscenity. Prior to the obscenity, there was another program on briefly and also dead air. It was obvious that somebody was messing around at the head end. I doubt it was a coincidence that the phrase would cut in and out at that very moment. I wish I had a recorder to capture it.
I was listening to Sean Hannity today on Patriot Channel 125 when suddenly I got Howard Stern (I presume it was HS) saying "Lying c###sucker", then it flipped back to Hannity. This happened in the middle of a 1-800-flowers commercial that Sean was reading (around 4:50 PM EDT). Prior to that there were other interruptions to Sean's show, including some dead silence about 15 minutes before the vulgarity. I reported it to customer service. Anyone else here tuned to 125...
Trip has Longly - Rice coverage maps that are very accurate. I live on fairly high ground, near to but not at a summit. It showed that people just a few doors up could get WFMJ, and at the very top of my street WYTV! It accurately predicted I could get WKBN.These maps take terrain into account but not atmospheric conditions. I'm willing to bet that my neighbors below me would not have the same luck getting WKBN since the map does not indicate any signal reaching their...
WKBN-DT has the widest coverage area of any NE Ohio TV station! On the old (i.e. no longer available) FCC coverage map the "circle" reached from Downtown Cleveland to Downtown Pittsburgh! Granted, elevation and ground clutter makes these extremes impossible to receive (Unless you have a 500' tower) however the signal is up there. Unlike the rest of the Y'town stations which barely make it beyond the Portage/Cuyahoga County line (and WYTV not even that far). I get...
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