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i see that the nighthawk is listed for dd-wrt firmwares. Good to know it works well.
Can I use my vyprvpn account so that all my devices at home are behind openvpn through this router? If so, is it pretty fast?
Does pandora play at 128k like "in home" audio?
The receiver can't output digital or hdmi out to zone 2 or 3. You can only listen to tuner, pandora and the like, plus i think analog.
Thanks for the links. After reading through the polk thread, this looks like an easy and inexpensive upgrade. And judging from the measurements, it's a good upgrade.
I have had my LSi15, lsic, lsifx for about 1 month now. I have had a Pioneer sc-55 for about 2 weeks. This is the best I have enjoyed music and movies. I am coming from old polk speakers from the early 90s and various yamaha avrs. If I knew what I was missing, I would have upgraded sooner.
Pioneer controlapp requires ios 4.3 or higher. I have 2nd gen ipod touch and cant use it. I know someone mentioned the bubbleupnp for android. But is there another ios app that I can use to control streaming from media server? Btw I am loving this new avr with my new polk lsi. Movies with dts hdma sound really dynamic. My music sounds awesome. Running mcacc really improved the sound. edit: nevermind. I see that controlapp is just for pioneer audio player. I'm...
I have Berkline 12006 that I got from Roman. I remember they came in two pieces. I had to attach the back to the seat. Can I unattach them again in order to transport them more easily? Thanks in advance. Btw, these are motorized.
Actually the issue was my dune colorspace setting set to auto. I switched to rgbfull and the picture looks normal now. Thanks for the help. Btw, I like this avr. Sounds good after running audessey setup.
After the firmware is finished, I will try a different hdmi input. I had swapped cables, but didnt think to try another input.
New Posts  All Forums: