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Verizon Fios in Rockville, MD 83.94 down and 34 up 75/35 plan
Seems I have a malfunctioning DD18...after a couple of power outages this week, the DD18 is not outputting and the light bar beneath the front logo is flashing steadily on and off in an amber color. Test mode will not work. I seem to recall several years ago, following a lightning strike, that it was doing the same thing and Velodyne sent me a new DD Amplifier board which I had no problem installing with enclosed instructions. Am I able to order this part? fyi...
I just had my Ruby recalibrated by Gregg Loewen of LionAV(.com) with a lamp that had about 700 hours on it and Wow! I don't know what I was looking at before but it's almost (almost!) a new pj now. Several months ago I invested in yet another (3rd) lamp module from Xenoarc on eBay..and intend to keep this thing humming until somebody makes an affordable LED pj that is superior in every way or until I can afford a good one, (which ever comes later ).
I agree, 1 is retro and 3 is innovative. out with the old in with the new....3!
Wow, thanks everyone for the fast responses, and for the PM's from those not posting! mark
Hi Cal68, how can I get in touch with Jeff? jkmw
Have tried searching the thread for Rockville, MD but came up empty. Anybody in Rockville, MD want to tackle a Sony XBR 55HX929? Please reply here or send PM. Thanks!
The Oppo has a greater depth and width to its' soundstage, placement of performers is more precise. The Oppo is quicker, more exhilarating in presentation. Response is great too, I believe the mid and upper ranges are clearer and less fatiguing. Downside, 'They say' that the bass could have more extension but I am hard pressed prove it. Mind you, I am looking for it and cannot substantiate that comment. Please keep in mind that I am comparing a stock BDP-95 to a...
Have a heavily modified 5910 done by Hot Rod Audio Mods http://hotrodaudiomods.com/ on which the center anolog channel is dying, (or dead for all intents and purposes). digital side should still be good for music and video but haven't used it for this in so long that I don't know. Mods included on analog side include: new op amps on stereo R/L channels new op amps on all 5 ss channels internal case mods: rfi/emi sheilding vibration control Here it comes..... See...
+1 posters aren't too bad though I'm still not sure I'd buy one...just too staged looking for me.
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