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So what's the bottom line here? Is it worth it to wait for SB? If I'm thinking about building a new gaming desktop (it's been 4 years now). I was looking at an LGA 1156 based system (namely, a Core i7-860 Lynnfield). Should I wait for LGA 1155 (or switch to LGA 1366)?
Google MediaBrowser.
I'm trying to connect a server to a switch via a patch panel (it's all rack-mounted). The RJ45 plug at one end of the cable is per T568B. The punched down end is also per T568B. Yet when I connect to patch panel's port to the switch's port using a patch cable, nothing happens. I'm using Cat5e cables. I tried reversing the two pairs at the RJ45 plug's end to create a cross-over cable to no avail. Is the following configuration possible ? Server NIC -> Patch Panel ->...
Check this blog for some tips on running a NAS with OpenSolaris/ZFS : http://www.zfsbuild.com/
Kapone, The drives might not be dead. I have had a few of those 7200.11 unrecognized by the BIOS after a shutdown, and I was able to recover the data using a 5$ Nokia USB cable and 30 mins of time. Basically, the firmware for these drives (as you know) had an issue where it put the drives into "lock" mode after the journaling buffer overflow (or something like that). If you didn't flash those drives with the new firmware, this is probably what happened to you. Here's a...
We don't see (at least I didn't) any new "My new media server build with pics" threads anymore, which is a shame because I thought they were really informative. I remember stumbling on such a thread by odditory a few years ago, and this is what started my fiddling with media servers. Anyway, I might create such a thread in a few months when I will have bought my first house and built a new media server...
Has this been posted already? Seagate SATA3 2TB XT
I might have missed this, but how did you make those neat power cables for your modular PSU? Any special tools required?
Glad you sorted out the problem! Would you mind posting pics of your complete setup once you have everything up and running? I'm curious about SAS expanders and all that... Thanx
I'm not sure if I'm reading this correctly, but what is the purpose of 4 arrays of 5-drives in RAID6? IMO, you definitely should put all your drives in the same RAID6 array. You'll waste a lot of space going with 4 separate arrays and you won't gain any additional redundancy in doing so.
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