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I've had it happen a couple times where I got turned around in smoke myself and have tried to boost out of it only to end up flying off a cliff as well.
I've apparently got 3 invites to the "Dead Island- Epidemic" beta if anyone wants one. I think it's free to play, but just not open to everyone yet.
I've noticed today that if I don't fully quit the game before running it again, I don't usually get working leaderboards / ghost competitors. Kind of obnoxious.
The 'haggling' aspect is overrated, but I'm actually really enjoying Rusty's Real Deal Baseball (the games are pretty much all set prices, and you have to haggle to get through the actual story). A pretty good amount of content per each minigame, considering they're all between $1.50-$2.00.
Not that it actually matters, but who gets the money when Amalur sells these days? I've been a little curious about that one for a while.
Anyone been able to connect to Uplay yet? I get an error that it can't connect to the servers.
Considering DP 1.3 isn't final yet, does it even really matter yet?
Can't wait for the manually check for updates thing. My Xbox STILL hasn't updated, despite being in Instant-On the whole time.
It might only apply to users who upgraded to the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview. Not sure.
To play to them, but not from them.
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