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Helcio - I'm probably among the higher users, and well over 500 hours. Not a hint of flicker in any mode. I've ran it 3D and 2D, Eco and Normal, Dynamic and regular, and there just hasn't been a hint of flicker. I'm actually surprised, as I have had three other projectors, and have come to accept the normal periodic flicker from unstable arcs. So far, nothing.....
I'm delighted with it. This is my fourth projector. If there were widespready problems with these, this thread would be lit up like our Christmas trees. You should have bought a lottery ticket, because you were obviously living that day in a world of statistical anomalies.
Answer: Too many lawyers. Plain and simple.
There is a stong consensus that any conforming USB port will work just fine, and I can't remember even one opinion to the contrary. I've used my computer USB and it seems to work just fine.
I don't think so, and I would be concerned if there was. If the design is robust, and the manufacturing process and tolerances tightly controlled, I think that should be enough. This is my third Panny, and I've yet to have any problems or concerns with misconvergence. Any kind of variable adjustment would probably introduce slop and variability that would do more harm than good. Just my uneducated opinion.
No calibration yet. I've been using the ECO for most broadcast and 2D, and either Normal or Dynamic for 3D. Normal is fine for everything 3D, but some movies are made to have that overdone-bright-colorful look, and Dynamic helps to preserve that in 3D. I may lose some purists with that approach, but to each their own.
Quick update. I received my rebate glasses today (sent in on 10-9-12). They are, as expected, both size medium; but the good news is that they still fit over my large size eyeglasses without interference. If the large sized glasses I bought ever give up the ghost, I could wear the mediums. Maybe that's why panasonic droped the large and small. I'm thinking maybe the front width is the same and only the temple pieces differ (shorter and more curved for small, longer...
217 hours last I checked. Not a single instance of flicker (which is surprising, because I haven't even seen the "normal" flicker yet due to inevitable arc instability).
The current Panny rebate only provides medium glasses. The form no longer has the size selection section and I also called the phone number on the form and was told that they would all be mediums. I wear prescription glasses, and my head is larger than average, so I also bought a couple pairs of the large size Panny glasses while they're still available.
Okay, never mind. I got the filter out today. There are two protrusions on the bottom and one on the top that snap into recesses in the projector housing. I found that appying a steady force while wiggling it a bit made it snap out easier. Make no mistake, this is a very firm snap in assembly, that pulls straight out. There is a gasket around the perimeter in the back, so it looks like this is a much better sealed air flow than my old AE2000. I don't particularly...
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