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Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy, Jim Hall, Bill Evans and Scott LaFaro a Crispi 'drop
Thelonious Monk - Newport '59
Mal Waldron & Gary Peacock - First Encounter
Schicke, Fuhrs & Frohling - Symphonic Pictures
Haven't heard this one in a while. I was rooting around for the first LP and couldn't find it, Musta got taken in The Great Record Heist Of '76. I'm adding both of these on my To Buy list.
The best system I've heard was in a friend's bands' practice room (actually huge detached garage) that was acoustically damped. Two 18" woofers and a pair of JBL cabinets (15" woofers and horns) were tri-amped using Crown amps through an impressive mixing board. We would sit in the sweet spot and have "ear gasms" playing our favorite cds through this.
Just found out through the inter web that the Hendrix 'Stepping Stone' is a mix that's unavailable elsewhere - glad I'm archiving this and kept it in M condition.More info here if anyone's interested.
I think all of us who grew up during the "vinyl age" remember the abundant ads for these loss leaders. Sadly this was the only one I ever bought and am enjoying the first LP (of three) that I probably haven't played in forty years or so. Good memories.
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