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Added a Crown XLS 2500 between my two RTiA9's/SC-67 and got a disturbing hum. I re-read this thread again and decided to start with my cable box. First I disconnected the power, that didn't help. Then I disconnected my cable box HDMI from my Pioneer SC-67 and voila, no more hum. Connected the HDMI back and disconnected the Coax to my cable box and that is where the problem lies. Purchased one of these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0017I3K9M/ref=ox_ya_os_product
Are you just doing one channel per tower (speakers in tower bridged)? Are you running any LFE to them? I just got an SC-67 and am not sure if 140 watts is good enough (still in the process of figuring it out)
Pioneer had 20% off on Amazon so BestBuy matched it, normally $1999. Pretty happy so far, it lands Wednesday and I'll be running a pair of Polk RTiA9 on it. I also picked up a BIC America F12 for
SC-68 was on back order at Magnolia/BestBuy so I went ahead and picked up the SC-67 for $1300
Thanks! I went with the Pioneer SC-67 (got it for $1300 from Best Buy) and will be running the RTiA9's on it.
Anyone see problems powering these with a Yamaha - AVENTAGE 1260W 9.2-Ch. 3D Pass-Through A/V Home Theater Receiver RX-A2020BL ?
Hey everyone, this is my second post. I have been chosen by a friend of mine to direct the design and construction of his new dedicated home theatre (of course professional installers, and accoustic consultants will be utilized). I am just looking for any suggestions on equipment, what works best with what, what to stay away from, best steps to take and would like to stay within our budget. Would like to use/have the following, - DLP Projection - 100 - 120...
Quote: Originally Posted by pen25 there are many pc dvd players. buy a new dvd burner.. get one that does dual layer. build a dvd server and rip the dvd's to your hard drive into an iso format this can be done with many different iso writers. i use cyberlink because it came with my dvd burner years ago and it has always worked good. though I have started using nvidia dvd player recently and startiing to like it. since your going to be using this to...
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