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those last few comments relate to what i'm seeing. any fixes for it?
Are there any settings that minimize the "rainbow effect" that i'm seeing? That's my only complaint with this TV.
on which menu is "intelligence frame creation"?
quick question - how do i access the files on the plugged in USB stick?
There's no way i would have turned on the TV if it was sitting overnight in freezing conditions; could they not have let you have it sit in the box in your house and come back the next day to test it? I'd actually consider the delivery guys (if they insisted on powering it), or yourself responsible for the set being damaged.
True enough…he just asked for a recommendation, so I wanted to let him know what I was using. Perhaps you could suggest to him a specific brand/model?
Sanus VMPL3B 27"-84" was $140 on ebay. rock solid on wall when going through 3 metal studs
Maybe Paul's or their shipper are storing them horizontally?
For anyone considering putting ambient lighting behind their TV, I'd suggest they buy the Belkin Conserve Socket with Energy Saving Outlet (can be purchased on Amazon). You can plug in your TV and lights into this powerbar, and when you turn on the TV, the ambient lighting will turn on, and when you turn off the TV, the lighting will turn off. Works great!
Someone else can confirm this, but I believe there's a sticker on the back of the TV. I don't see that info on the shipping box
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