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Thx JD. Fixed the issue and likely saved me quite a bit of money.
IDK if this has happened to anyone else but my 3310 just lost the ability to send video through. I tired 4 different sources and no luck thru hdmi. TV seems fine and the 3310 plays audio to the speakers just not any video. I cycled it on and off a few times and checked all settings and all seems true and correct and I tried a different hdmi on the tv but nothing works. Any thoughts? Thanks.
ok, thanks again.
My GF's ST30 fluctuated pretty badly when watching a basketball game the other night. I found it bothersome as the the tv got brighter and dimmer as the game went on. I assume this fix will correct this and is the only way to get the software update thru Panasonic and their tech? Nothing one can do themselves? And this is a different update than the one over the tv's internet link? Thx for any answers.
I don't believe so Joni. There are some hardware issues involved.
Is the VX series the result of what the Kuro engineers have been up to at Panasonic? Or or they just over there making coffee?
From what I gather from your post budget is an issue. The GT30 will be better but probably not THAT much better since Panasonic seems to a slow but steady type of company with their improvements. By waiting such a long time you will be missing out on a lot of gaming and viewing on a nice plasma. My vote is to find a G25 that suits you (financially and size) soon and buy it and enjoy it and never come back to this forum until you are ready to get another pdp or...
I haven't seen any noise about such a size. Sadly. Oh well, it's early in the year yet. That's the size I'd like. And I guess all that Kuro tech has been put away in a giant warehouse kind of like the ending scene in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" I guess one could assume Pan has been consistent...they seemingly have been plodding along developing their pdp's at a similar rate for as long as I've had my 58/600U. Conservatively and I wouldn't be surprised if the guru's...
Well, I finally traced it to a bad amp in the sub. Thx again.
Thank you sir. The sub has failed its thumb test. It won't activate from sby mode. So I have a call in to the sub maker and I'll see what he has to say before proceeding with the rest. I'll post the results.
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