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I'm hooked on this show but not gaga on it. I don't know what I'll do when Justified is over.
The last two episodes redeemed the show this year. I was really hating this show up to that point.
Pretty sure Marty will be back season, he is the star of the show.
You have to love Dewey Crowe. In the first episode this season when the judge awarded him 300,000.00 dollars and he stood up and said he wouldn't accept 300.00 dollars, it showed how important he is to the show. He just makes me laugh.
This show isn't bad but there's much better shows on Showtime. Masters of Sex is great and Episodes is well done.
All I know is I wished I had stopped watching this show from season one. Its a car wreck and you have to keep looking. Its awful.
I was referring to you Archiguy not Keenan. This is why I will always judge your tastes in TV shows.
This makes me wonder if I should have not liked TD. You know who you are that defended JFC like a lion protecting its offspring.
Oink Herman Hess's 1923 novel Steppenwolf in his words was violently misunderstood. And I'm sure Nic Pizzolotto knows Hess's work. And did this work in mind.
TD was about healing. What ails Marty and Rust needs repair, and I know there's not another season but I would like to see them both get the help they need. They both have alot to offer for a better world. The other story was that society has sickness in need of even more repair.
New Posts  All Forums: