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I have been without TVGOS since the 2nd week of November, but have managed to use the Sony DHG 500 to regularly record CBS programming. Last week I made a change in my Dish equipment that means I'll have enought satellite tuners to retire the Sony. Got a Hopper with Sling. It has only one more satellite tuner than the 722 it replaces, but that extra tuner can record the satellite locals for FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS channels at the same time, so it is like having as many...
I wonder if Sony could make a special cablecard that also had an internet connection and provide the necessary TV guide support (clock data, software updates, and local TV guide data) via the internet. Might be worthwhile if enough products are affected by the loss of TV guide data.
I called the above phone #. The engineer I talked to confirmed that TV Guide is being discontinued. Approximately 20% of markets have been terminated as of Nov. 1st and the rest will be discontinued over the next 6 months!
I received a reply from KNME: "Mr. Meyer, We were instructed by the distributor for TV Guide to disconnect the equipment which distributes the TV Guide information last week. For more information, you may contact them as follows: Call Gemstar/Rovicorp Consumer Electronics Product Support at 800-386-7380. Email can be sent to ce_customer_support@rovicorp.com. Thank you for writing and thank you for watching New Mexico PBS." Looks like most of New Mexico will no...
I am OTA only and I am seeing in my schedule that there are no listings starting on Friday Nov. 9th which means the guide has not updated for 4 days . I still have an accurate clock and sent an email to KNME which I believe has been the local TVGOS provider. As long as the clock is up, I guess I can do manual recordings. Is this guide problem happening to everyone else?
I am age 59 and scored a 7 on the test! I took this test a few months ago and didn't do as well. Take your time and you do better on this test. Your computer monitor could also affect the results. I suspect the yellowing mentioned by Moxie1617 is mostly the lenses. I have had cataract surgery on both eyes and noticed a change in color perception after each eye was done, particularly blues. I think my 50" GT30 has excess mid range blue in all picture modes that I use...
I have the 50" GT30 hooked up to a Dishnetwork VIP722 thru a AVR using HDMI connections and have not experienced the problem you are having. I have experienced odd performance at times from the 722, but it occurs on my secondary HDTV as well, and the solution that works for me is to reboot the satellite receiver, but you already did that. You could try a hard reboot on your satellite receiver by pulling the plug for 20 seconds.
Take a look in the manual on page 63. Are you trying to use too many amplifiers? This is described as a 7.2 A/V receiver. That means it only has 7 amplifiers. So if you are running a 7.1 system in zone 1, there are no amps available for zone 2. You could go to a 5.1 system in one room and also run 2 speakers in zone 2. Or you could run a 7.1 system in zone 1 and use the zone 2 line out outputs to run to a stereo amplifier to power your zone 2 speakers.
I just realized that my previous reply on 3D glasses should have suggested searching a different thread, not this one. Try a search of Official Panasonic GT30 Series Discussion Thread [No Price Talk] http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1325398
From what I have read, people have tried several brands of 3D glasses that they liked, so I would try a search of this thread. I also like to search for things on Amazon because you can read reviews. I personally bought Panasonic TY-EW3D3MPK2 at a local store which had 2 pair of their medium glasses at a reasonable price. They work fine, but finding a place to buy them is difficult. Amazon has an unreasonably high price on these glasses, and they aren't available from...
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