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6 months ago I sold my 3 year old HD350 to my brother for 1000.00 (I was moving) with the understanding I could buy it back for the same price if I chose to. I'm back with a dedicated HT and I'm ready to buy a projector. My old one has about 6500 hours and my brother just replaced the bulb.....I can afford to buy it back from him but would I'd be better off buying a new Mitsubishi DLP? I have total light control and my throw distance is about 18'..... Alan
Brother has a dedicated room with all the autistic trimmings. Needs a reciever A.S.A.P. .......Spends 50% on Xbox C.o.D. 25% watching Blu rays and 25% watching sports. His budget is around $650.00......... What would be the best bang for buck to run his B&W CM 9 speakers? Alan
Dal-hd350 built 09 purchased in 3/10 About 1500 hrs when problem started This was a replacement bulb The replacement bulb was OEM Table mounted Average room temp is around 65-68 I used it about 3 hours a session mostly Xbox 360 and Blu rays. Sometimes hd tv
Thanks.....I'll try it today
I have my HD-350 for 2 1/2 years and just noticed a slight green bar about 3inches in width running vertical on the right side of the picture now. I'm in a dedicated room using a Carada screen. I have replaced the bulb and it hasn't fixed it. Does anyone have a clue what this might be? -Alan
My sister has a non HDMI reviever and is looking to upgrade. She has Fios, Xbox 360, and a blu ray player. Would this be a good entry level reviever for a lady that can appriciate the bells and whistles but doesn't have a dedicated HT? -Alan
I habe an Integra 70.1 reciever for my dedicated HT. I purchased top notch HDMI cords and NEVER had an issue. I just too my reciever to my brother's house (He's almost done his build ) to show his old reciever that doesn't process TRUE HD audio and the HUGE difference it makes. Everything going great and he was blown away by the audio, BUT we notice that even with my reciever's video output set to "through" it would only output to 1080p/60 frames per and NOT 1080p/24 per...
Starting new project......my dedicated HT is 11' x 20' I have a $400.00 budget for my reciever and would like to get the most bang for my buck. ANY advice would be greatly appriciated. BTW I'm using B & W speakers CM9's for my fronts and matching center and sides. -Alan
Hit the 2700 hour mark and notice a slight greenish bar on the left side.....hoping a bulb replacement fixes it. Could also be that I just moved the unit to an unfinished part of the basement where the foil,color insulation is on that side of the wall causing a reflection?.......I'll order the bulb today and keep you posted
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