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Just to be absolutely sure: Can the supplied WiFi dongle be used to wireless Netflix?
I wrote earlier that my RX-A2030 has handshake problems with Apple TV Now, after a firmware update, there is no handshake (no signal) at all The firmware is 1.35 Now what do I do? Thanks Jakob
My 2030 has serious HDMI handshake problems with Apple TV The cable is fine and has worked with all other receivers (I've had Pioneer and Denon) Is this a common problem with Yamaha and Apple TV? Is there a fix?
I have a question about Hi-Res Mode (under Options - Enhancer) It says in the manual that it enhances the quality of uncompressed digital sound But it is turned off by default So is it best to leave it on or off?
I set the subwoofer's volume to half as stated in the manual Same result with new calibration Turned up sub from -10 to -2, fine for now
I got my 2030 yesterday The sound was thin after calibration with virtually no subwoofer The subwoofer distance was way off but I didn't change it, thinking maybe that was just the way YPAO worked I will do the calibration again today What am I doing wrong?
Hi vlad11 Spain is too far away... But what price did you have in mind?
I need to make a decision today Is the speaker angle measurement on the 3030 really worth the extra money? Here in Denmark the 3030 is about 60% more expensive I don't need the ability to go 11.2
That makes sense
I have to select THX Cinema manually every time I turn on the receiver (press THX on the remote) How do I set THX Cinema as the default for movies? I had an older Pioneer that remembered THX as the default
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