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I will start buying around the 15 dollar range. I made the "mistake" of buying DVDs back in the day for anywhere from 25-35 a disc. I still have receipts in my file cabinet from movies such as The Mummy for 35 bucks... Back then I also made a lot of blind-buy purchases. Lots of these ended up being one time viewings. With the advent of blu-ray I've become more discretionary in my purchases - only movies that I know I'll have lots of playback. The content has to be...
For additional info on the PS3 as a blu-ray player check out, helps immensely on settings:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=931796
+1. For LOTR I'll pay the double-dipping price. I'll have more pressing concerns in my financial state than worrying about buying the movies if I can't afford the theatrical version in 2010 and the extended in 2012. Plus, while a large number of people have stated their preference for the extended version (me included), I do recall the way I saw the movies originally - the movie theater ("theatrical edition") - and how I left each showing completely entertained. The...
How well do PS2 games hold up graphically? I have a 50" plasma, not large by any means, but since the console is a gen older...I assume that the connections are component at best? The price drop and cheaper games piqued my interest in adding it to my entertainment options. Until I bought my PS3, the last gaming console I had was the original PS. I am thinking of games such as RE4 that I missed out on completely.
Therein lies a big problem. What is important and what is not? The tech without permission obviously is wrong, but what happens if he/she gets the permission? Then you have the situation where the DP has a lot of say and you end up with different framing (doesn't Apocalypse Now differ on DVD then theater?) Or the director who chooses a different frame ala Nolan with Dark Knight IMAX scenes to work with BD. What about the director who revisits the film years/decades...
Sure the studios could do this, but then you'd get threads and rants popping up about barebones releases and the inevitable "double-dip" and how "I won't buy this until they give me the extras." Then the studio sells 100 copies of the barebones release, some exec screams that they spent X dollars to make enough money to ride the bus, and the next time a classic (subjective) comes up in discussion the exec ignores it.
Super390 - There are two different discounts that will be applied if buying the Bond films. One will come up in the checkout process as "Best Value Savings" - $5 for every two Bond films that are "paired" together. You can see what the pairings are when you click on the link for one of the Bond films and scroll down - you'll see a line where Amazon states in effect "buy this Bond film and this other one and we'll knock 5 bucks off additionally." The other promo is the...
Ralph - Thanks for the review. Can't wait until I get my hands on this. Did you by chance get to see the movie in an IMAX theater? I saw it only once at the IMAX here in town and was floored by the quality (felt the sound was a little too strong there as some of the dialogue was drowned out - especially Gordon's spiel about the "Dark Knight" at the end). Your review has put me at ease that perhaps it was the way the IMAX here had the audio calibrated.
If you check out the disclaimers on the Black Friday ads - they actually do state that they will not do price matching that day. So they do have some basis for denying the price match.
Just an FYI, but when I checked at 10:30AM CDT, Commando had dropped from 27.95 to 14.95 on Amazon. Its not a reference PQ BD, but for those interested in a guilty pleasure, as far as '80s action-movies, its a good price. I haven't seen it that low before on Amazon.
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