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I am experiencing no audio on channel 6.1, PBS Alpena, and I'm wondering if this is universal with Central Michigan PBS or specific to the transmitter site? Does anyone know when the audio is expected to be fixed?
I can get 8.1 out of the UP and it is a very good picture but there is no 8.2. There seems to be multicasting as yet.
Many of us on the Eastern side of the tip of the mitt get our viewing from the UP as in TV 9&10, 29&8, or Cheboygan's TV 4 as part of TV 7&4. We also barely get channel 45's analog feed of Fox 33. The only DTV feeds that I get are a beautiful HDTV feed from TV 9&10 (49) , an up convert from PBS channel 6 (57), and an upconvert from channel 4 (35). There are many of us that fall under the Traverse City DMA that are not close to Traverse City and are not able to take full...
Those of us on the eastern side of the tip of the mitt get the following: TV 9 & 10 - channel 49-1 -- excellent HDTV TV 7 & 4 - channel 35-1 -- piece of crap stretched SD PBS - channel 6(57) -- 57-2 (SD) & 57-3 (SD) (thank god neither is stretched) My question is: beyond the excellent job of TV 9&10 does anyone know when we on the eastern side will see anything like HDTV? I'm talking about the area east of I-75 down to say Rogers City. Any...
They have a very bad upconverted stretched picture. The engineers obviously don't look and don't care about the picture. You know how the networks have the score on the top of the screen as an example during a game. TV4's stretch moves the scores off the screen and are not viewable. Faces and bodies are so grossly distorted by the stretch that it becomes at time macabre to watch. Yes channel 4 has an digital counterpart but I would certainly not recommend it for viewing.
Are you have problems over the air or via cable? Generally channel 49 (tv 9 & 10) that I receive out of Goetzville is very good. I receive some pixelation but generally during inclement weather and I attribute this to atmospheric issues and not broadcast issues. The HD football games are excellent and while I don't follow CBS programming every week night, shows like CSI Miami seem above average in video quality.
Any subtraction of bandwidth will have a negative impact on audio and video quality. Multi casting definitely limits bandwidth to anyone sub channel. The issue of poor picture quality with no multi casting is probably almost exclusively due to poor station management and/or poor attention to equipment or lack of knowledge there of.
I pick up NBC HD from channel 4 Cheboygan. Luck for us they do not multi cast from this site. They also do not broadcast HD: just digital. It is that stretched distorted up-convert that sucks and it is digital but definitely not HD. Does anyone know if TV 7 & 4 plans on doing anything on the channel 4 side?
Being on the east side of the tip of the mitt, I get some of my stations from the UP. I get channel 10 (TV 9 & 10) out of the Soo as well as channel 8 (ABC 29 & 8). Recently ABC channel 8 has had a deplorable record. The audio most of the time can't be heard over the hum and this is when the station stays on the air. Further, PBS channel 6 out of Alpena has gone south. Recently the picture quality of channel 6 has not been the best but more important to me is that...
Do you know for certain that WPBN broadcasts an HD picture? The sister station (7 & 4) WTOM simply sends out a stretched version of the SD picture and they don't multicast. WTOM's picture may be digital but it is definitely not high definition. I always thought that channel 4 was a satellite of channel 7 and that everything was duplicated but this is apparently not true. Channel four's picture is very hard to watch as 1) the picture is a full stretch with obvious...
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