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Little update after living with the P610 for a couple months: What an amazing upgrade going from the P6 to the P610 has been in my opinion. The P610 is an extremely authoritative and robust speaker that brings a whole new weight and depth to the entire front soundstage. It is truly awesome to have those extra sources of bass across the front. Highly recommended! The more time I spend with them with a variety of material the more impressed I become.
I thought I would post once more with some final observations and thoughts. Things sound unbelievable. The audyssey pro calibration came out amazing after many failed attempts. Audyssey with dynamic EQ engaged was over boosting certain frequencies, but I finally solved it. The sound is as close to perfection for me personally as I have ever heard. I was skeptical of upgrading to the P610 from the P6 because I had read so many negative comments about running a...
Yes. Correct guys.
I am not aware of a new P6. The P6 is from my last HT. A few years old. The P15 is the newer version and from my last HT. The P10si's are new.
Well for now Audyssey pro is what fits in my budget since I own the kit. I am super happy with what it does..... So for now ignorance is bliss. Maybe some day the calibration will happen..... But for now I am counting my blessings for being at this point with the room on my budget.
I am nearing the end of my HT journey....the end is in sight! It has been a real challenge as I am not a real carpenter or great with tools. However having a strict and limited budget with this HT I had to do the work myself. Matts has made all this possible by his DIY Wing which is an affordable version of the Wing family for folks like myself with a limited budget and willing to assemble them yourself.....very easy to assemble by the way. I put up all the acoustic...
Pär Hörnell of http://www.tiwia.se is the project planner and Matts of http://www.diffusor.com/index.htm is the acoustic expert that worked with Pär.
I have had one pro use measurements to find the best location for the speakers and another consult me as to where I should put what type of acoustic treatment. I have put the treatments up myself and built some myself with the guidance of these pros. I haven't haphazardly placed treatment on the walls I can assure you. As far as final calibration I am very happy with Audyssey Pro.
No plans. I have some rugs up front to help some with floor reflections and ambient light.
Tubes up. Tomorrow night will put little insulation inside them and cap one end. My wife clapped while standing at the front of the room while I sat in the MLP and it was amazing....absolutely zero echo. the echo was horrible before the acoustic treatment. Very exciting. Before the tubes (just wings) I watched Transformers 3 and the improved clarity of dialogue and all other sounds as well was very noticeable. I was also getting an hissing sound off the back wall...
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