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Thanks! Anyone use a Synology NAS in combination with the Pioneer? Any problem detected with NFS or SMB?
Which is the latest Pioneer firmware which can be downgraded - Pioneer BDP-450?
What are about the 79X900B - does the TV support 3D passiv or active? If you have a look on the specifications you will find "3D - passiv" but in the box you will find active 3D glasses (3D Glasses x 2 (TDG-BT400A)). Strange....
Unfortunately no torrent available - if you want a faster download you have to register :-(
Thanks! Did you use the settings also for tv or only for movies like blu-ray?
Wehre do I find the settings?
You can download the files here (11,2...
Which 3D glases can be used with the Samsung? Other brands like xpand?
@gabrielefx In which room conditions did you performed the test?
Is it not possible to split the files or to upload only the best files?
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