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Yep that is standard now, the 55 and 65 have hit the street, just waiting on the old 78" units to come in. The pricing I am seeing there is not very good ........
Of course the number 1 reason for buyers remorse is screen size........
Overall chad might not have been able to dial it in a good as he wanted, but I know the set we had turned out excellent.......
Right, I am not saying spend $100 at all, The cables I buy are 10 bucks for 15FT.
There was no price drop, just a temporary price reduction from Sharp, price will be going back up next week.
Right on, if the curved wall does not exist, that would be a bit of work........By the way we just got our HU9000 in
Gray scale is the hardest picture to display in uniform. In fact I would be surprised if there is any TV to date that is uniform with a grey scale. If it was perfect I would say your set is the bad one..........lol.
Finally we got our HU9000 in........
Step into the audiophile world and this price is nothing. Some of the cables from the amps to the speakers are $10K for 3FT.
Yep, the 950B is FALD........ FALD is expensive......... Keep an eye out on the 65" LG OLED, pricing may hit the $8K range mid year, ya never know.
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