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I recently cancelled my netflix account as I got tired of having to also go to Blocbuster to rent new BluRay titles. Keeping a netflix account just so I can stream older movies is not a good use of my cash.
I have tried the iPhone, but with the resolution mismatch, the page just comes up way too small. Any solutions?
On the logitech website they talk about "new software" including better paging. Unfortunately they dont detail what this really means, and their comparison page is very clueless.
QUOTE=Jonnio;14666699]Are you sure your actually using the wired port on your receiver? I ended up resetting mine to factory defaults and starting over on the initial setup in order to get the wired to take over. Just plugging in the Ethernet connection after wireless has been set up does not change it over.[/quote] Thanks for your content-rich response. Yup -using the right port and done the full reset many times. What I gathered from another discussion yesterday...
The real value of forums is that companies hear honest problems and that they fix these before they disappear from the marketplace (anyone wanna buy about $350 of the original Roku Media Player equipment - dead product- for a Big Mac coupon?). Perhaps .001 of owners post to AVS and perhaps .1 even read avsforum so who has/not posted is irrelevant. BTW I dont have time to read every post/thread/all day. SB is sold with the value prop that it is a Wireless music player -...
I find it hard to believe that I am the only owner whose wired connection s..cks to the extent that I am ready to throw good money after bad and buy the Sonos system. The worst part is that I have a very large music collection and this is the first time that I have been able to enjoy it thru my rcvr/system ... when it works. I gave up on the wireless connection (after getting a replacement squeezebox). My squeezebox is all of 40 feet away from my G router which is down a...
I've been using the Net radio alot - but havent figured out how to add streams that I cant find - such as GDradio or ratdogradio. How do you add a stream that isnt somewhere in the oh too granular stream index (or cant be found).
Thx for the clarification - didnt mean to pass partially incorrect info (which I got from Denon support).
As explained to me by Denon support - amp assign is only analog - no digital input will work. Also - either zone 2 or 3 can only accept analog inputs. I originally couldnt pass digital inputs through zone 2/amp assign and zone 3/audio source 100 watt power amp. I had to change my source outputs to analog and then they both worked. This was done by Denon to save cost in the 3808. As an FYI - my Main Zone is 5.1.
My problem exactly. I have a linksys b wireless router in the furthest corner of my basement of my 3 floor split approx 2700 sf (need it there). have 5 devices with g capability. first upgraded to a linksys WRT54G2 and only the b radio worked. returned and got a netgear RangeMax 802.11g Wireless Router WPN824 - so both rangemax spec - but the netgear gave me the exact strength settings thruout my house as the old b wireless. so I see no point in keeping this if the signal...
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