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They're all region locked.
Anyone get the Japanese releases from WB? Are they any better than the US releases?
Code Of Silence and Lone Wolf McQuade are being released July 17th (not exclusive).
Over on Blu-ray.com, Ted Bohus (producer/owner) says that a big announcement is coming next week. Hopefully it's a new release by a different studio.
Those are the few exceptions. Vamp was good too. But the majority of their releases are inferior to the US releases.
And somehow botch it, like most of their other releases. "Welcome to Fright Night.... DNRed.... for real...." But at least the packaging would be pretty.
Yeah right, I'm sure TT's contract with Sony will allow that.
Actually, it originated from some Criterion forum. Some of the titles have already been released in the UK, and some were pretty much confirmed for next year (ET, Jaws). However, it's disturbing to see how many DVD-only releases there are in 2012 (assuming this list is accurate).
It says Disney (the remake).
Huh? Link?
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